Nepeta cataria, grass Tea / Lot. Nepeta cataria, herba

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Nepeta cataria, tea is used to relieve headaches. It is believed to have a tonic effect. If used externally, the decoction of the herb is suitable for the treatment of eczema, acne, wounds, it is used for rinsing the throat in angina.

Nepeta cataria tea lowers the temperature, relieves smooth muscle spasms, is also suitable as an auxiliary tool in the treatment of urinary system diseases, alleviates the symptoms of flatulence, promotes the release of sweat, and soothes.

Currently, Nepeta cataria is used as a relaxing, calming, antispasmodic agent. This beautiful herb has expectorant and body strengthening properties. It treats bronchitis and bronchial asthma, migraine. It relieves insomnia, stress symptoms, reduces menstrual and intestinal spasms. Of course, its effect is not very strong.

Nepeta cataria, grass / Nepeta cataria, herba


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Active ingredients

Nepeta cataria, herb contains essential oil (0.2-0.7%) consisting of carvacrol, citral, nepetalactone; coumarins, flavonoids, ascorbic acid (125-159mg%), glycosides, saponins, minerals and tannins. Nepeta cataria, herb contains a pleasant lemon-scented essential oil. The most important part of the essential oil in catnip is nepetalactone. In addition, Nepeta cataria, contains tannins and terpenes.

Healing properties

Nepeta cataria, promotes sweating, treats and protects against colds, regulates the menstrual cycle, calms the irritated central nervous system, stops bleeding and lowers high body temperature.
Patients with anaemia, central nervous system disorders, rheumatism, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, headache and high body temperature.This herb has anti-bloating properties. For this purpose, very weak tea can be given even to babies. Nepeta catariatea has vitamin C to strengthen health. Nepeta cataria, tea promotes sweating, lowers the temperature, making it very suitable for colds, and diluted tea can be given to children.

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Nepeta cataria, infusion also suppresses spasms, relieves expectoration, has a calming effect, reduces bloating, promotes indigestion, treats anaemia, insomnia or tension-induced headache. However, frequent and heavy consumption of Nepeta cataria, is not recommended. Nepeta cataria, preparations have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, sedative, expectorant, body-strengthening properties. Nepeta cataria, herb and preparations are used in case of gastrointestinal disorders; they improve appetite, strengthens the body’s resistance to disease.

To prepare a healing tea, take 2 teaspoons of dried leaves or seeds (if fresh leaves are used, add 1/4 cup of them), pour boiling water over it and strain after 5-10 minutes. The tea, which tastes like mint tea, can be drunk only 1 cup a day. In addition, this tea is not recommended for more than 10 days, as the possibility of side effects increases significantly.

Note: Nepeta cataria also has side effects: long-term drinking of catnip tea can disrupt the metabolism of iron and other minerals. Also, do not use during pregnancy.

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