Lingonberry, leaf Tea / lot. Vaccinium vitis-idaea, folium

2 oz / 50 grams


Lingonberry have been used in folk medicine since ancient times. The most popular way to take advantage of the health benefits of lingonberry is undoubtedly lingonberry tea, prepared from leaves and berries. Modern scientific research has proven what herbalists have advocated for centuries Рthe main health-promoting bioactive compounds are concentrated in both  berries and leaves. So Рboth berries and leaves have the same healing power.

Lingonberry are called superberries. It has been found that it surpasses its relatives cranberries and blueberries in terms of antioxidants. This is the main strength of lingonberries. However, in addition to a large amount of antioxidants, these berries are rich in vitamin C, P, as well as B vitamins. They are characterized by a rich composition of mineral substances (iron, calcium, potassium, etc.). Lingonberry also contain other chemicals that are important for health: organic acids, tannins, pectins, etc. This entire bouquet of substances necessary for the human body determines the effectiveness of lingonberry berries and leaves not only for strengthening the body and preventing diseases, but also for treating ailments.

Lingonberry, leaf / Vaccinium vitis-idaea, folium


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Active ingredients

Lingonberries contain natural sugar, pectins, yeasts, organic acids (citric and malic). Extremely rich in vitamins C, P, B group, carotene, minerals (iron, potassium, calcium). Lingonberries contain natural sugar, pectins, yeasts, organic acids (citric and malic).

Healing properties

Lingonberry reduce various inflammatory processes in the body.
It supports the health of the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys, and helps treat diseases of these body functions.
Balances intestinal microbiota, prevents liver and fatty tissue inflammation.
Protects against cardiovascular diseases. The anthocyanins responsible for the red color of Lingonberry protect heart cells from oxidative damage.
Treats throat inflammation.
Supports eye health, protects against harmful blue and UVA light.
Helps prevent neurodegenerative processes, helps treat diseases caused by these processes.
Lingonberry leaves have diuretic properties.
A decoction and infusion of Lingonberry leaves are used as a means to stimulate the release of bile and stimulate the appetite. It is recommended to drink them in case of kidney stones, nephritis or cystitis, rheumatic diseases or gout, various arthritis, swellings, as well as gallstones or cholecystitis.


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Tea with Lingonberry leaves drunk in the morning will refresh you for the whole day. Lingonberry leaf tea is good for blood vessels, tinnitus, dizziness.

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