Natural herbal teas not only effectively suppress thirst, but also provide the body with biologically active substances that affect our physiological and psychological state. It is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the rich world of Lithuanian plants, to feel their effects on the body and soul, to admire the scents of nature and the range of colours of teas.

For a long time, Lithuanian medicinal plants (herbs) have been used to improve human health. In recent times, not only herbalists have talked about the benefits of herbal remedies, but medical practitioners have recognized that herbal remedies are effective in preventing diseases.

Nature is a magical laboratory where every plant heals. Nature gave us a thousand clues to preserve summer in our bodies and spirit. It does not require complicated medical prescriptions and expensive artificial mixtures – the most effective remedies are often the simplest, most natural and… the cheapest.

Natural medicinal plants

Lithuania was always famous for herbs, it was almost the main remedy in ancient times, but in the last few decades herbs have given way to ampoules, tablets and so on.

Natural herbal tea is suitable for prophylaxis, treatment of various diseases and strengthening of the body. Especially plants save in acute cases, such as digestive disorders, colds and so on.

Written sources indicate that the science of herbal use has been known for 5,000 years. It is not mistake to say that the knowledge of medicinal plants came from tens of thousands of years ago. Humans went through all stages of culture with herbs. About 12000 species of medicinal plants are known, about 800 are cultivated and self-grown in Lithuania. Medicinal plants are common in meadows, forests, river and lake banks, swamps, fields, gardens.

In the age of technology and information, the rapid pace of life, stress and environmental pollution are eroding human body and health. Most people in the city have fewer opportunities to spend time in nature, to draw on its energy and strength. It is gratifying that more and more people are now taking care of the strengthening of their body and want to use the natural remedies of nature, which are probably the most popular medicinal plants, various herbs.

There is a long tradition of collecting, processing and consuming herbs in Lithuania. So far, Lithuania has a rich tradition of using herbs – when the population is aware of herbal treatment, so they are in no hurry to buy chemical drugs in pharmacies. It is actually much healthier to sip herbal tea than to drink coffee all day at work. Warm tea is better at quenching thirst on hot summer days. It is not without reason that people in the southern countries get a cup of warm tea in the heat. Every plant has the bio-active substances needed by the body – it is a double benefit.

The healing properties of medicinal plants (herbs) are determined by biologically active substances: alkaloids, saponins, essential oils, yeasts, organic and mineral substances, bitter substances, vitamins. They accumulate throughout the plant or only in some parts of it: roots, leaves, rhizomes, stems, buds, seeds, fruits, bark.

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