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Herbal teas can be not only a great tool in the fight against pathogens, but also a source of good health.

It is common for us to grab pills as soon as we have a headache or a stomach upset. However, we can overcome many health problems in natural ways as well. Herbs work much slower and milder, making them more suitable for the treatment of chronic ailments or milder diseases.

We would like to remind you that, when used incorrectly, herbs also have side effects, and they must be compatible with the medicines you are already taking. 

Herbs, of course, should not be used when a person is allergic to them. You need to know which plant you are allergic to and avoid that plant. It is also important for pregnant women to find out which plants are recommended for them and which are not. Information on herbs should be carefully searched for before taking any herbs: for example, St. John’s wort is not recommended for women taking birth control pills. It is forbidden to sunbathe while taking supplements made from this plant. In addition, each plant can be used only for a certain period of time without breaks.

HealthyTea AJ The source of Health

To help ourselves, we need to know the reason why we have a headache, for example. This can be due to a fluctuating blood pressure, even due to a blockage in the gut, because without the removal of toxic substances, they travel throughout the body and cause headaches. Lemon balm tea may help if you have a headache due to stress, if you have a headache due to high blood pressure, you should drink catnip and valerian tea.

If all the disease processes in the body are already delayed for a longer time, one cup of healing tea will definitely not help, you will need more patience and time.

Healthy Tea AJ - Moderate consumption of Herbal Teas

Moderate Consumption

Herbs should be used responsibly.

Before using a particular medicinal plant, it is necessary to find out all its possible effects on the body. It is always necessary to consult a doctor or pharmacist, to find out your diagnosis first, to find out if you are not allergic to herbs, and only then to start taking them.

Herbs should not be used if the disease is chronic, if long-term use of the herbs does not achieve the desired effect or in the presence of serious diseases, such as heart or oncological diseases, which must be treated by a specialist. If you decide to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms with the help of herbs, first consult your doctor or pharmacist, find out the diagnosis, use only those preparations recommended by specialists and doctors who have examined you.

Patients treated with herbs often make the same mistakes: do not find out if they are allergic to them, and in case if they do not get a quick effect, they increase the doses of herbs, and then there are intestinal disorders, allergies, hormonal activity, nervous disorders.

All herbs should be taken with breaks, such as 3 weeks in a row and a 7-day break, as herbs cannot be taken continuously. You can also take breaks every week: 7 days of treatment and 3 days break.

No type of herbs should be used for more than three weeks, otherwise they will act toxic, the body will oversaturate the properties of the herb.

Moderate consumption of Herbal Teas

Preparation Of Herbs Is Very Important

It is important not only what herbs are used, but also how they are prepared. Before you start making tea, it is important to pay attention to what herbs you will use – chopped or not. It is also important whether the tea is made from the flowers, leaves, roots, fruits, or seeds of plants.
Chopped herbs should be brewed with non-boiling water. Allow the boiling water to cool for 3-4 minutes before pouring on the herbs. After adding water, wait another 10-15 minutes and then drink the prepared tea. If you are going to prepare tea from plant roots or peels, they will need to be boiled for about 20 minutes. Herbal tea should not be taken with food, it is recommended to drink it 15-20 minutes before meals. It is advisable to prepare a second herbal tea after a 15-minute break after the first tea.
By choosing the right herbs and using them properly, it is possible to overcome pathogens, prevent exacerbation of the disease and thus avoid the cost of medicines.

Any disease is a sign that you need to change – to change your life, behaviour, diet, relationships with people. But in most cases, a person doesn’t want to do that.

Blood pressure rose due to possible disturbances in diet, blood circulation, lymphatic system. In this case, we are in a hurry to reduce it, when in fact it is only a protective reaction of the body. So, we feel better after eliminating the symptom, but it is not wise to continue to treat it like this. Why? The answer is simple – you will become addicted to drugs for a lifetime. Everything that happens in our body shows that it wants to live. If you get a rash on your skin, you are sweating, it means that your body is cleansing and it should not be stopped.
Herbal treatment is a slow process.

Now it is a time of “romanticism”, when we turn to herbs when various ailments occur, we believe that they are very healthy, but we do not really know how to use them. Herbal teas should not be consumed for a period of several days, as is usual for chemical medications, and not continuously, as we use plain tea, but in cycles.
This is the amount of time it takes for blood to change: You have to take herbs for 21 days, take a break for 21 days, take herbs again for 21 days. Then, according to the pharmacist, they can have a positive effect. If you want your body to be cleansed, it is helpful to starve or cause diarrhoea and to stimulate the excretion of urine.
Herbal teas can save you from many diseases if you know how to use them correctly. First of all, we need to change the approach to herbs – they are medicines that should be used as directed.

It is best to take mixtures of herbs. If you are not sure if any herb is suitable for you, it is best to take it in a mixture to reduce possible side effects. Eastern medicine argues that along with the herbs used for treatment, a third that inhibits should be added to the main two ones.
For example, if you use sweat-promoting lime blossoms and raspberry leaves, you should also add mint or honey with the opposite effect to the mixture. If you do not know the exact effect of any herb, the herbalist advises to use chamomile as they are suitable for all mixtures.

Healthy Tea AJ - Preparation of Herbs

People often do not know which plants actually provide many benefits. The herbalist distinguishes rosebay willowherb as an extremely valuable herb, for example, which has strong anti-cancer properties and tastes similar to green tea: “I always said that the forests are full of green tea, but we don’t consume it, we buy Chinese one.”
Rosebay willowherb accumulates substances that help adapt to a changing environment, and when mixed with honey it is a good way to lower blood cholesterol. We also do not appreciate blueberries or sea buckthorn – although their berries are nutritious, the leaves and stems of these plants can bring even more benefits. These herbs can be boldly mixed with others without fear of side effects.

Remember, that it is important to live in harmony with nature and not to abuse the goods it gives us. Let’s pick herbs in moderation, only as much as we really need, let’s not pick too much in one place and from one plant, let’s not pick them with roots. Before picking each leaf, twig or flower, let us thank Mother Nature for her wealth, thank the plant for its generosity, and gather the goodies of the forest and meadows with love and respect.
Let’s create harmony first within ourselves, in our environment and it will gradually expand, embracing the whole world.

We emphasize that the information we provide on the website is folk advice. These tips are tested by ancestors and passed down from mouth to mouth for future generations. We therefore leave it to you to decide for yourself whether to believe them or not.

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