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Herbal remedies include:

  • Alkaloids stimulate cardiovascular activity, central nervous system, have a calming effect – pheasant’s eye, motherwort, medicinal valerian;
  • Glycosides improve heart function, gastrointestinal tract, appetite – caraway, dwarf Everlast, comfrey;
  • Saponins stimulate gall and bladder activity and facilitate expectoration – thymes, common knotgrass, field horsetail;
  • Essential oils kill microbes, suppress spasms, inflammations – chamomile, plantains, pot marigold, garden sage;
  • Yeast stops bleeding, reduces inflammation – common yarrow, mountain arnica;
  • Flavonoids have bactericidal action and promote biliary excretion;
  • Medicinal herbs strengthen the immune system – echinacea, etc.;
  • Enhances vision – European blueberry;
  • Reduces fever – raspberries, linden-blossom, black elder.
  • Many medicinal plants are also vitamin-rich – briar, sand thorn, primula.

What ailments can be overcome with help of herbs?

Because herbs accumulate a wide range of active ingredients, herbs can treat a variety of ailments. These may include colds, indigestion, high or low blood pressure, pain, diabetes, atherosclerosis, respiratory disease, diseases of skin, joints, urinary tract. Herbs can also be used as immune stimulating products or as a source of vitamins.

What herbs are recommended during the cold season?

During the cold period, mood deterioration and symptoms of depression occur frequently. In such cases, it is advisable to drink Lemon balm, mint, St. John’s wort, valerian or heather tea. Thyme, rowan fruit, rosehip, sea buckthorn and sparkling berry tea are recommended as a source of vitamins.

If you have symptoms of colds, it is worth drinking linden blossom, raspberry, elder tea.

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