Today, JAASTRA-WAM LTD sells 100 unique natural products that are appreciated and loved not only by Lithuanians but also by foreign guests from Europe and the world. Inspired by the great reviews of our products, we are expanding our range with new products using herbs with distinctive properties. These are original herbal recipe teas. The company sells exclusive, handmade, Lithuanian-made and patented natural products.

Products sold by JAASTRA-WAM LTD are unique and superior to other products in the same group because:

  • Plants and herbs are selected only from their home country, which guarantees the highest quality of the raw material. In this way the freshness of the product and the effectiveness of the active ingredients are protected;
  • All products are 100 percent. natural, without any additives or impurities;
  • All raw materials are selected, crushed, selected, inspected, mixed, packaged by ourselves, protecting their properties;
  • Due to the presence of special herbs such as blue, red, black cornflower, blackcurrant buds, etc.;
  • Handmade tea and tea blends made in Lithuania;
  • Exclusive, original packaging;
  • Original recipes for herbal teas and tea blends;
  • Our herbs are special in that they are crushed by hand rather than crushed mechanically. This method of crushing preserves all the medicinal elements and vitamins of the plant.

We will produce the tea of your choice.

Thank you for choosing our natural herbal tea for your body, soul and health! Thank you for your being!

With love and gratitude,
Aniceta JaloveckaitÄ—, Director of the company