Rose petals Tea

2 oz / 50 grams


However, medicinal roses, like any medicine, also have some side effects and contraindications that should be considered in self-treatment. First of all, you need to be very careful if you have a tendency to allergic reactions. Due to the high content of essential oils, the petals can cause allergies.

Rose petals


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Active ingredients

Rose petals are rich in vitamin C, B, calcium, carotene, iron. The latter trace element is particularly important. Because it has a positive effect on the blood-forming system.

Healing properties

This amazing flower has a unique aroma and a surprisingly delicate petal texture. It is necessary to dry the buds in the open air, they must be dried in the shade to avoid direct sunlight. Collected rose petals can be stored for one year, they retain all their healing properties. However, before use, you should be aware of the benefits and harms of rose tea in a particular case.

If you have skin diseases, shallow wounds, or other damage, you can also use petals to get an antibacterial effect. Flower powder helps to cure diseases of the oral cavity.

Part of Healthy Teas AJ

It is often enough to drink delicious, aromatic, soothing tea against depression, stress and confusion. A warm drink from rose petals is ideal for this purpose. The drink has very delicate taste, pleasant smell, and a soothing effect. In addition, tea from petals has useful properties. It has a positive effect on the body. This infusion is full of new strength. It normalizes the work of the heart.
With the flu and a strong cough, you can prepare rose petals as an expectorant. In inflammatory processes and diseases of the oral cavity, it is useful when used in combination with honey.

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