Blackcurrant, leaf / Ribes nigrum Viscum album

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One of the most valuable berry plants with dietary, nutritional and prophylactic healing properties.

Blackcurrant, leaf / Ribes nigrum Viscum album


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Active ingredients

Especially rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – 150-300 mg / percent, and in some R. nigrum spp. sibiricum in berries of wild populations – up to 800 mg / percent. A human needs 30 mg of ascorbic acid per day, so it is enough to eat 25-50 g of black currants a day. Only the fruits of rose hip and actinidia have a higher content of ascorbic acid. Black currant berries contain vitamin C 5 times more than strawberries, 7-8 times more than raspberries, gooseberries, citrus plants, 10-20 times more than apples and pears, 20-40 times more than cherries, apricots and 100 times more than grapes.In 100 g of black currant leaves you can find a huge amount of vitamin C – even 260 mg, while in comparison with 100 g of black currant berries, there are 177 mg of this vitamin.

Healing properties

One of the most valuable berry plants with dietary, nutritional and prophylactic healing properties. In black currant leaves we will find an antioxidant flavonoid that protects against the effects of free radicals. In the leaves of the useful bush we will also find minerals – calcium, potassium and magnesium. It fights with inflammations. A decoction of black currant leaves fights inflammatory reactions and viruses. It lowers cholesterol and maintains cardiovascular health. Protects from stress. It has a liquid-expelling effect and helps prevent swelling.

• Pectins in blackcurrant berries promote urination, improve sleep, lower blood pressure.

• Black currants are recommended for removal of heavy metal salts (mercury, lead, cobalt, strontium, etc.), radioactive elements and cholesterol from the body. In addition, pectins neutralize toxic substances that are formed during putrefaction, normalize the intestinal microflora, improve digestion.

• It is useful to eat blackcurrants for those who often have diarrhoea or have decreased acidity of gastric juice.

• Black currants improve liver, kidney and even pancreatic function.

• British researchers say that black currant berries have the ability to prevent even diabetes, they lower blood sugar.

• The carotene and various minerals in black currants replenish haemoglobin and iron in the blood, improve its quality, strengthen capillaries and protect against hypertension.

• Has a positive effect and supports the mental activity of older people and prevents it from weakening.

• Black currants reduce headaches and joint pain.

• The tannic substances in the leaves of black currant, vitamin C help to remove excess urine from the body, they are suitable against kidney stones, bladder diseases.

Leaves and berries are used for treatment. Black currant leaves promote urination, treat rheumatism, tone the body, treat bladder stone disease and other diseases of the liver, kidneys and bladder. Leaves decoction helps to remove excess urine and acids from the body, so it is used for gout, rheumatism and inflammation of the bladder. Berries and leaves are recommended against atherosclerosis, hypertension, decreased vascular elasticity. Blackcurrants, when used in combination with other medicines, have been shown to help with heart rhythm problems, cardio neurosis, haemorrhagic vasculitis, periodontitis, and others. One of the most valuable berry plants with dietary, nutritional and prophylactic healing properties.


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